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Using yesterday's experience, modern science and benefiting from experienced experts, Pouya Technic presents its activity description to the applicants of the cooling and heating industry in the following five sections:

1- Production of refrigeration doors including sliding doors, hinged, side by side, atmospheric, camouflage, impeller and electric with the best fittings and raw materials

2 - Production of polyurethane sandwich panels in different thicknesses and two designs, two-sided, smooth and two-sided, shaded, locked (complete) and full room

3 - Production of electrical panels for refrigeration, custom panels, central electrical panels, power, distribution and PLC systems

4 - Consulting, design, installation and commissioning of refrigeration systems including sub-zero, above zero, atmospheric refrigeration, rapid freezing tunnel, ice maker, air conditioning systems, test rooms, laboratory systems and clean room

5 - Supply of refrigeration equipment, air conditioning and heating, including compressors, condensers, evaporators and other parts used in refrigeration

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