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Yesterday experience using dynamic technique, science and the use of qualified professionals as part of its activities in the following five applicants to provide heating and cooling industry:

1 - Production of cold storage doors, including sliding doors, hinged, Side By Side, atmospheric, Kamvayr, electric butterfly with the finest fittings and raw materials
2 - Production of polyurethane sandwich panels in different thickness and Smooth two designs and two face Shadvlayn, lock (Kmlaky) and full room
3 - the production of electricity for refrigeration cabinets, custom cabinets, central switchgear, power distribution systems and PLC
4 - consulting, design, installation and commissioning of cryogenic freezing cold, above zero, atmospheric, fast freezing tunnels, ice, air conditioning systems, test chambers, laboratory and clean room
5 - supply equipment for refrigeration, air conditioning and heating, including all types of compressors, condensers, evaporators and other components used in refrigeration

Profile Sliding:

Dynamic sliding doors techniques 7 and 10 and 13 cm in thickness can be manufactured with specifications and appearance are:
Pre-painted galvanized sheet coated on both sides with 0.5 mm thick white (crackles 9016, the facade and the inside contains 7 microns to 25 microns furnace color primer for better adhesion of the foam sheet)
Injected polyurethane insulation with a density of 39-41 kg / m3
Equipped with a special lock IPT (with Safe Mode from the pop-up)
For complete sealing gasket around the floor doors and resistant to frost
Production capacity for double (side by side)
Sealing capability and tune up in all directions
Possibility to order the door with stained sheets and stainless steel 304 and 316
Ability to order the door with a heating element around door to door frozen
The capacity of the sliding door rail cover (on demand)
The possibility of making the sliding door 10 cm with two rows of sealing gasket around the door to better refrigeration (on demand)
The valves are installed in different sizes and shapes for
The ability to automate the door

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